Part 2/3 of my weight loss journey

Giving up sugar and flour did not sound easy but nothing else had worked so I was willing to try it. I decided to try it for a month and then I would decide if it was a plan I could continue. We had plans to go to Sicily at the end of that month and I was not going to be on any kind of plan there. I looked at the list of foods on the plan and it was all foods I loved: Any kind of vegetable (salads and starchy) or fruit, most meats, dairy (full fat), nuts, potatoes, rice and legumes (in moderation), and best of all fat such as real butter, olive oil, avocados, nut butters, full fat dressings (without preservatives), heavy whipping cream for coffee or tea. No pasta, breads and check all ingredients for sugar (<2 grams) acceptable. There was also to be no snacking as every time we eat anything but fat our insulin level spikes makes the body want to store more fat. So 3 meals a day. initially and then down to 2 meals a day to lengthen the time the body is fasting to use your own body fat for fuel. No counting calories, you can measure for accuracy but basically each meal is 4 oz of protein, 2 TBSP of fat, 10 ounces of veggies (potatoes are vegetables) for lunch and dinner. For breakfast I had coffee with heavy whipping cream. My eating window was 11-7 as I was usually hungrier in the morning. The first 2 weeks were not fun, I was in sugar and flour withdrawal and my stomach was growling like crazy and I was cranky. It can take 2-4 weeks or so until your body is fat adapted and you come off the sugar high. Then something amazing happened; besides losing 12 lbs the first month, I also found I was not hungry at night or between meals. That was huge for me, because when I was eating low fat everything and eating 6 small meals a day I was always hungry.

Then I went to Sicily for 11 days and ate and drank my way through there. I did not follow the plan; I could have but I had already decided I did not want to. There was a lot of fresh food in Italy including seafood but also a lot of bread and wine. I had a great time but gained the 12 lbs I lost and felt so bloated and disgusting that I knew this was the right eating plan for me. My body did not like flour and sugar. I went right back on the plan and lost the 12 lbs within the first 2 weeks (lots of water weight for sure). I took off from there and lost another 8 lbs per month over the next 2 months and then lost an average of 4 lbs per month slow and steady. That was a break through for me because on any other eating plan I would sabotage myself after a little success and gain and lose the same few lbs over months.

Stay tuned for how not eating sugar and flour is my new way of life.

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2 thoughts on “Part 2/3 of my weight loss journey

  1. Can’t fit into my pants, so I’m going to try this!!

    1. It really works, I am happy to help. First 2 weeks are hard but you can do hard things!

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