Anxiety About the Scale

I used to hate weighing myself and would only do it once a week at the most. I never felt like the number reflected my effort. Then I started the no sugar no flour eating plan and it was recommended that I weigh everyday because as we all know, our weight can fluctuate between 2 & 5 lbs on a daily basis depending on the sodium content of our food, our hormones, and what we eat. I weighed myself daily for 2 weeks and a lot of chatter came up. I always thought I had high self esteem but I really beat myself up around the scale.

It is hard to weigh yourself when you don’t like your body or you are ashamed of how much you weigh. These are only thoughts we have but it feels like the truth and the thoughts become negative beliefs we have about ourselves which cause us to feel bad and then make choices that result in weight gain perpetuating our negative belief. We can change this negative thought pattern by deciding to love our bodies no matter what and end the negative self talk.

The scale is actually completely neutral. It is just math measuring bones, flesh, fat, organs, water and fluids. It is not a reflection of you as a person. Losing weight is a process. We did not gain the weight overnight and we will not lose the weight overnight.

One way to overcome anxiety about the scale is to just be curious about your thoughts and feelings. Listen to the thoughts that come up in your brain like a curious observer without judgement. My new mantra about the scale is:

The scale is a tool I am using to measure my progress toward my goal.

It takes 2-7 days for fat loss to show up on the scale because sometimes our fat cells hold onto water. I have found this to be very true and when I don’t lose any weight some weeks, my clothes fit looser and I know the weight loss is coming.

I have not conquered all my demons regarding the scale but I refuse to beat myself up and decided to love my body whatever size or weight. I now weigh myself 3 days a week and that is a happy medium for me.

The scale is just a number; it is not a reflection of who you are as a person. What do you want to make it mean? You get to decide.

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