What is a Life Coach?

I have just finished a year of self coaching with the Life Coach School. Self coaching is learning how to manage your mind and emotions so you can take action towards your goals. Life coaching is about finding the cause or the “why” of a problem such as being overweight, overspending, relationship tissues, etc to make room to focus on your goals and dreams and learn to have your own back no matter what.

I had some big goals:

Lose weight permanently

Decrease my drinking

Have better relationships

Become less judgmental

Love myself so I can love others

Over 1 year’s time, I have:

Met my weight loss goal and lost 55 lbs over 1 year

Cut back on my drinking from everyday to 1 glass of wine 1-2 times per week

Learned how my thoughts create my feelings and my feelings create my actions which  create my results

Learned to be present with my feelings, good or bad and not need to drink, eat or shop  them away

Learned that our past cannot hurt us; it is our thoughts we have about it now that        causes our suffering. 

Learned that everyone is 100% lovable including me

Learned how to become a curious observer instead of reacting to everything (still  working on this one)

It has been a fabulous experience and now I am learning how to be a life coach through the Life Coach School so I can help people with cancer adopt healthy habits as cancer survivors in my current job, and also start my own business as a life coach. I am still a work in progress as we all are but now I have the tools to deal with whatever comes my way.

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