Why No Sugar, No Flour (NSNF) Eating Plan Works

As I have mentioned before I have been following NSNF eating plan for the past year and it helped me lose 55 lbs and now maintain it. It is not the only thing that helped me lose weight but I lost consistently and was not hungry all the time. Other things that helped me lose weight were writing down what I was going to eat and drink 24 hours in advance, planning for joy eats or special meals/events in advance, intermittent fasting and learning how to manage my thoughts and emotions since I am an emotional eater (boredom, stress, happy, sad, etc). The NSNF eating plan is a way to fuel your body instead of eating for entertainment.

The weight loss is permanent if you continue to eat this way because you are dealing with the 3 root causes of being overweight.

1. Over desire – Eating concentrated sugars and breads/pastas increases desire for more sugar and flour. Solution is to eat natural sugars in food and eat food that fuels your body not food that gives you intense pleasure.

2. Over hunger – Eating small frequent meals with snacks causes your blood sugar to go up and insulin to be released so you are always hungry. The solution is to initially eat only 3 meals a day, no snacks and eventually go to lunch and dinner or become fat adapted which means you will be less hungry. Becoming fat adapted takes about 4 weeks or so after not eating sugar or flour.

3. Emotional eating – Eating for any reason but to fuel your body. Food dulls the intensity of negative or positive emotions. The solution is to allow yourself to feel your emotions and manage your thoughts that are causing them.

Planning what you will eat 24 hours in advance takes very little time and takes the drama and in the moment decision making out of the equation and helps you make better choices.

Joy eats are planned exceptions that I do once a week. Examples are pasta entree at a restaurant, ice cream, a sandwich with really good bread or pumpkin pancakes. The idea is to eat one thing not the appetizer, entree, dessert and drinks. It keeps me from craving certain foods.

I have been. on many trips and was able to eat NSNF with no problem, even at airports (salad is everywhere with chicken and ranch dressing).

I also make a drink plan and usually plan for drinking 1 glass of wine 2 days a week, usually on week-ends.

I welcome your questions or comments.

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