How to Feel Your Emotions

Emotions are sensations (vibrations) that start in our brain and travel through our body and are caused by thoughts in our brain. How we feel is our motivation to do anything in our lives and creates our results. There are many different types of emotions. 

Emotions that cause us to feel good and help us to take action include love, focused, creative, excited, motivated, productive, courageous, etc. Emotions that cause us to feel bad include confusion, anxiety, overwhelm, depressed, self-pity; they also keep us from completing our goals and lead to inaction. Some emotions that we may think of as negative actually help us to take action such as discomfort, fear, pain.

Life is about emotional balance. No matter what our goal is or how much success we have had we will feel positive 50% of the time and negative 50% of the time as part of being human. The problem is that somewhere along the way we were taught that we should feel positive most of the time and that feeling negative emotions means something has gone wrong. This is what causes suffering. Our brains cause negative emotion when we have negative thoughts and it is easier for our primitive brains to go to default-mode and take the most well-traveled route which is usually negative thinking and emotions. When we become aware of this and use our pre-frontal cortex we can create more of a balance.

To make positive changes in your life you have to be willing to feel negative emotions; we have to be willing to feel discomfort. There are many ways to handle emotions:

  1. Resist the feeling (willpower)
  2. React to it or act out
  3. Distract ourselves or buffer by overeating, overdrinking, overworking, etc. 
  4. Feel or allow the emotion (what we want to do)

Steps to feel emotions:

  1. Be aware without judging our emotions
  2. Allow the emotion, open yourself up, breathe it in, be present with the emotion (this gives us back our power)
  3. Describe the emotion – What is the sensation you feel in your body, where is the sensation (vibration), is it hot or cold, is there a color, is it fast or slow, hard or soft.
  4. Name the emotion

If you take the time to do this exercise you will realize that the worst thing that can happen is that you feel a painful emotion and when you allow the emotion it becomes less painful and you don’t need to resist it, react to it or distract yourself from it. 

How do we know whether we are indulging in our emotions (resisting) or allowing them? By the results we are creating. If you want to create different results in your life you need to allow yourself to feel discomfort and then practice generating emotions that will create the results you want.

How are you feeling?

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