New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make 2019 the Last Year You Put Weight Loss on the List

Do you want to make 2019 the last year you have weight loss as a New Year’s resolution? In order to lose weight your commitment has to be huge. Take the time to answer these questions and you will find the commitment you need to accomplish your goal. You can substitute overeating for Overdrinking, overspending, etc and use these same questions.

  1. What is the reason you want to lose weight?

2.   Do you believe this reason is compelling enough to keep you from EVER overeating?

3.   Are you willing to give up food as you know it to have freedom from overeating and being overweight?

4.   Are you willing to live without the escape and buffering (avoidance of feelings) that food provides?

5.   Are you willing to feel worse before you feel better?

6.   Are you willing to continue even when results aren’t fast?

7.   Are you willing to embrace not being “normal” in order to not be overweight? Why or why not?

8.   How do you imagine you can fulfill this commitment to yourself?

9.   What are your obstacles to losing weight? List as many as you can think of.

10.  What are the strategies you will need to do to overcome each of these obstacles?

11.  What do you want to weigh?

12.  What size do you want to wear?

13.  How do you want to think and feel about food?

14.  How do you want to think and feel about your body?

Eating healthy to fuel your body and lose weight takes commitment and is a new way of life instead of a “diet”. You get to decide what foods work for your body, what keeps you full instead of hungry all the time. If this sounds like something you want to commit to, email me at for FREE coaching for a limited time.

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