How to Go into 2019 When 2018 Was Disappointing

If your 2018 holiday season was less than joyous, I am right there with you. This last week was especially rough. I had to really think about the wonderful things that happened in 2018 to remind me that most of it was great. It is interesting how a few really tough family issues can put a damper on the whole year. It is really my thoughts and expectations that are making it painful and I know that suffering is optional; but sometimes it is tough to be objective. I also need to follow my own advice and allow myself to feel sad for lost and broken relationships.

Goals and things I have learned and accomplished in 2018:

1. I met my impossible goal of losing 55 lbs in 1 year

2. I am maintaining my goal weight

3. I cut down on my drinking

4. I learned how to manage my mind and allow negative and positive emotions

5. I learned the difference between using willpower/resistance and allowing urges

6. I found a new passion for God’s word and serving with my Amazing Grace sisters

7. I started training to become a certified life coach

8. I am becoming less judgmental and more curious

9. I am learning to look past and let go of the manual I have for people in my life

10. I am learning that I cannot control the thoughts and feelings of anyone else, I can only be responsible for my own thoughts and feelings.

Life is still 50% positive and 50% negative even when we meet our goals. Something else always comes up and that’s OK, it’s called life and being human. Work with me to learn the tools to manage your thoughts and emotions as you work toward your goals.

I am still offering free coaching on weight loss and life issues for current and new clients. If you are interested or want help setting goals, figuring out obstacles to complete the goal and strategies to overcome those obstacles, email me at or leave a comment.

Make 2019 the year you commit to losing weight for the last time. You can do this!

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