Life Coaching: What Is It & Why You Should Hire One

Life coaching is about finding the cause or the “why” of a problem such as being overweight, Overdrinking, overspending, relationship tissues, etc. It is different than therapy which is usually based on a specific diagnosis with a person who may not be functioning well and can be very past focused.

In life coaching, people are functioning well but still suffering. It is present and future focused and the goal is to pay attention to your brain and what you are thinking because that determines how you feel which creates your actions and results. The focus is on mental health and not mental illness.

In school and at home we are not taught how to manage our thoughts or emotions or even that we have a choice as to how we think, feel, and act. We think everything happens to us and that other people are responsible for how we feel. We let our primitive or toddler brain think the same thoughts over and over because that is what it is programmed to do and believe everything it tells us. When we really should be using our prefrontal cortex or adult brain to deliberately think thoughts that create feelings that lead us to take actions towards our goals.

How many times have you said to yourself or someone else, I just don’t know what to do or I’m so overwhelmed?

Ask your adult brain what you should do, give it a job and then listen and you will be amazed at the answers you come up with. So instead of asking everyone else their opinion on something you are struggling with, ask your brain to figure it out. Your brain is better than a computer.

Why should you hire a life coach? To get help with:

Weight loss and overeating

Decreasing or stop Overdrinking

Learning how to stop overspending

Setting a big goal and achieving outcomes

Relationship issues

Problems that keep you stuck

Learning how to be more curious and less judgmental

Stop blaming others and taking responsibility for your feelings

How to ask great questions from our mind

How to create boundaries

How to change your beliefs

How to love unconditionally

How to think new thoughts

Learning how to manage our mind and emotions

Learning how to allow an urge, desire or craving

Making decisions ahead of time

I have had life coaching for over 1 year and the benefits have been invaluable. I have learned so much about myself and my mind and there is no limit to what I can accomplish.

Now I am training to become a life and weight loss coach and offering FREE coaching sessions for a limited time. Take advantage of it while you can by signing up. Go to See you there.

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