Fail Your Way to Success

The definition of failure according to Merriam-Webster is the lack of success or falling short, misfiring. The definition of success is a favorable or desired outcome. How do we succeed at a goal such as weight loss? We keep trying and keep failing. The difference between people that are successful at losing weight and those that are not is what they make failure mean about them.

In our society we are afraid of failing, but if all failing means is we just haven’t succeeded yet or we are falling short of the goal, what are we making that mean? We avoid failing because we are afraid of how it will make us feel. What if you thought of failure as a stepping stone to your goal? What if you decided to think of failure as a misfire and choose to learn from your mistakes and keep going. By failing a lot you learn what does not work and what works for you. We can let failure build confidence and strength instead of defeat. The more you have your own back, the more you will be willing to fail.

It comes back to awareness, being curious of how we are thinking and deciding to have our own backs. Use failure as a learning tool, a skill that we practice on our way to achieving our weight loss goal or any goal. Pretend you are the parent teaching your child how to ride a bike. How many failures does that require? We don’t make it mean anything bad about the child that it takes 20 or more falls to learn how to ride a bike; so why do we beat ourselves up when we fail at sticking to our eating plan? Learn and move on and don’t make it mean anything about you or your ability to lose weight. Fall down and get up again and repeat however many times it takes to be successful.

Stop using the word fail as a 4 letter word against yourself and instead be empowered to get back up and keep going. That’s what I mean by fail your way to success.

If you need help learning how to fail your way to success, come work with me. The first coaching session is free and you will also get a free worksheet on the eating plan that I used to lose 55 lbs over 1 year.

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