Buffering – Using external things to avoid negative emotion

Buffering is when we use external things like food, alcohol, shopping, or social media to change how we feel. Buffering numbs us emotionally and we usually do it to keep from feeling a negative emotion and to avoid dealing with uncomfortable things in our lives.

Our primitive brain wants to seek pleasure, avoid pain and continue this in an unconscious loop. It does not help that we are constantly bombarded with advertisements to seek more pleasure from food and that concentrated and processed foods create such a big dopamine pleasure surge that our brain keeps wanting more.

Overeating is a false please. It is is substitute to living your true authentic life by numbing your emotions. We have been falsely led to believe that we should be happy all of the time. Then when life happens and we are not happy, we think something has gone wrong. If we continue to overeat, we gain weight and then our health is affected; this is a negative consequence of overeating. Eating to feel good and avoid negative emotion is a temporary false pleasure.

Not eating or buffering with food does not feel good initially because of withdrawal from sugar or flour or processed foods. But this is exactly what we need to do to reduce desire and avoid the negative consequences of being overweight. We trade false pleasure for well being and if we keep practicing this we gain confidence which empowers us to want more from life than to think about food all the time.

Realizing that half our life will include negative emotion and that’s the way life is supposed to be will keep us from wondering if something is wrong with us because we are not happy all the time. If we didn’t have negative emotion, we would not realize the contrast of positive emotion.

Your emotions are an indicator of what’s going on for you. If you stop overeating and allow both negative and positive emotions you can have the pleasure of getting down to your ideal weight and being able to pull anything out of the closet and it will fit. It takes practice and dedication, but soon it will be automatic and it is so worth doing.

Some questions to ask about buffering with food, alcohol, shopping or social media:

What emotions are you attempting to avoid when you buffer?

What are the thoughts that cause each of these emotions?

To stop buffering, you’ll need to be willing to feel unpleasant emotions and give up the false pleasure of the buffer. Are you willing to do this?

What are the negative consequences of buffering in your life?

How will you manage your urges to give in to buffering?

If you want to to find out more about why you buffer with food and how to feel your emotions, and work with a certified life and weight loss coach, click the link below: First session is FREE


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