Making Yourself A Priority

Why is it so hard to make ourselves a priority? We give everyone else our time and energy but when it comes to working on a goal for ourselves like losing weight for the last time and stop overeating, it goes to the bottom of the list. First and foremost we have to go back to why we want to lose weight in the first place. Really think about that. Then ask yourself why you are not making yourself a priority. Also, where else is this showing up in your life? Most of the time it is because we are not managing our minds.

I learned through self coaching that my food and my weight are always 100% a reflection of what is going on in my mind. The food manages itself when I am managing my mind. How am I managing my mind? Losing weight is 20% what we put in our mouths and 80% what is going on in our brains.

If you are not following your food plan or making decisions ahead of time about what you will eat the next day then you have less chance of being successful in the moment because in the moment is when your toddler brain is in charge. The parent brain makes decisions in advance.

We will always need to manage our minds; life happens and will always be 50% positive and negative feelings and experiences. Doing the actual work of eating food on plan and when having an urge to eat foods off plan, allowing the discomfort is hard. It is supposed to be hard, nothing has gone wrong. It is also hard to look in the mirror at our overweight body and put on the size clothing we vowed never to get to. This is not easy and there is no quick fix. You can’t just allow an urge to overeat 3 times and have your desire gone. Mistakes are just stepping stones to your final goal. It takes practice and time, most likely 100 urges or cravings before the desire goes way down.

Managing your mind and urges is a process and you will make mistakes; just learn from them and move on. You are not broken. Don’t be in a hurry because this is the last time you have to solve this problem of overeating. Once you learn this skill you can apply it to any other area of your life that you want to improve. Focus on 1 day at a time and tell yourself I can eat sugar or flour tomorrow but I am sticking to my plan today. Losing weight is a series of daily decisions to make yourself and your goal a priority.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who am I without my weight struggle?

Who would I be if I did not use food or alcohol to buffer (avoid my feelings)?

If I am uncomfortable being overweight and it is uncomfortable starting and sticking with a healthy eating plan, why not be uncomfortable working towards your goal of permanent weight loss?

If you want to learn how to manage your mind and learn how to make yourself a priority, I can help. Click below for a FREE coaching session or just message me on Facebook:

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