Why You Need A Life Coach to Lose Weight

Why do you need a life coach for weight loss? When I started my weight loss journey I wondered the same thing. I just knew that focusing on the food was not everything because I had done that before but had never been able to keep the weight off. For people that are overweight, eating the right foods is 20% of the solution and managing our thoughts and emotions the other 80%. You have heard me say before that you can lose weight on any eating plan but the weight will come right back on if you go back to how you were eating before. Coaching is not about empathizing or being your best friend but about finding the cause of your problem. If we find out why you overeat, then we can target that area and work on it so you know how to deal with it in the future. It is not about your past but about helping you be present in the moment and focus on your future.

You need a life coach to lose weight if you:

– Need someone to hold you accountable to yourself and your goal

– Have trouble losing weight on any eating plan

– Are unable to keep the weight off

– Eat for any other reason other than hunger

– Want to lose weight for the last time

– Don’t want to diet anymore

– Are hungry all the time

– Use food to numb your emotions and deal with stress

– Think about food all the time

– Want help through the river of misery (1st 4-6 weeks)

– Want to learn how to reduce desire for food, especially sugar and flour

– Want help to lose weight a little faster

– Are tired of dieting and want to rip the band-aid off and go all in and lose the weight for the last time

– Want to take a deeper dive into other areas of your life like relationships, setting other goals, learn how to show up for yourself and practice keeping commitments to yourself

How should you show up for coaching?

– With a goal in mind, like how much weight you want to lose

– Be present for the call, no multi-tasking

– Limit distractions and noise

– Show up to the call or give advance notice for cancellation

– Be willing to do the work (show up for yourself)

How will I show up for the coaching call? I will:

– Believe in your ability to lose weight no matter what you have tried before

– Be open and listen and point things out to you that you may not be aware of

– Ask good questions to help you move forward

– Help you with your eating plan

– Coach you on all the mind drama that will come up

– Hold you accountable and remind you of your goals and dreams

– Help you to learn how to allow your emotions

– Help you make decisions ahead of time and plan for upcoming events/vacations

– Show you how to manage your mind and emotions

If you want to see if coaching is right for you in your quest to lose weight or work on any other big goal; FB message me or email me at weightlosswithwendy2018@gmail com 

The first session is FREE.

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