How to Believe Something You Don’t Yet Believe

Belief is the acceptance of something that exists or is true without evidence (Oxford Dictionary). Most of the beliefs we have are based on our past. You can become aware of your beliefs by observing and being curious and notice how often you judge something or someone based on the belief you have always had. The problem is that we think it is fact but in reality there is room for interpretation. The truth is subjective. That is why 2 people can grow up in the same family and be exposed to the same set of parents but they have a different belief about their upbringing or a different story about something that happened.

For example, you may have been taught that it is rude to cut in line or go over the speed limit so when other people do it, you have a judgment about it. However who decides what is right or wrong, good or bad? Another example is “I have never done it before so it will be hard” which keeps us from taking action or believing in something we have not done yet. Remember our primitive or toddler brain likes to keep things the same and avoid pain. So if you are contemplating starting a healthy eating plan, your brain will tell you all the reasons why that is a terrible idea and will remind us of all the times we have failed previously. Is that a reason not to do it? NO!

We just have to recognize what our primitive brain is doing and ignore it and decide with our parent brain that we can do hard things and plan in advance so we will be successful on our healthy eating plan. We get to decide what we want to believe and focus on and can choose to let go of beliefs that are not useful.

What we want is based on our future so we can’t look to our past for validation. We don’t want to do the same thing of starting a healthy eating plan then saying “F” it when it gets hard, we have already done that before and it just validates the belief that “I can never lose weight and keep it off”. So we have to believe something new that we currently don’t believe yet such as:

I am capable of developing a healthy eating plan to fuel my body and keep me satisfied to get down to my natural weight.

How do you believe it? You practice believing and ask your brain to create evidence that this is true. Write it down every day with pen and paper. How does that thought feel? Motivating, exciting, powerful, or certain to name a few feelings. What actions will you have to take every day to believe in this thought? What are the obstacles to overcome for you on a daily basis, make a plan to overcome the obstacles and how you are going to do that. Planning in advance will help keep the mind drama down and will actually help you spend less time thinking about food.

The result is that you create belief in yourself by doing what you said you were going to do and sticking to the healthy eating plan and get help with coaching when you get stuck. The trick is to keep going even when you don’t fully believe you can do it. You will make mistakes but just learn from them and move on. Use mistakes as stepping stones for growth. No one has ever lost all their weight by beating themselves up the whole way. This process really works, I am living proof and so are my clients. Try on some compassion for yourself. You are 100 percent worthy and worth the effort!

I am a certified life and weight loss coach and I help women lose weight for the last time.

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