Gratitude according to Google is the readiness to show appreciation or the quality of being thankful. Gratitude is a feeling that is generated by our thoughts. There is a lot out there about gratitude – journals, meditation and whole books on why the practice of gratitude is so important. I wanted to share my personal experience as to why this is true. 

One word – mindset – I noticed that when I intentionally think of people and things I am grateful for, my mindset is more positive and my goal seems more achievable. When my brain is left unsupervised and I don’t practice gratitude my mindset turns to more negative thoughts or complaining/whining why things are not going my way. Nothing has gone wrong; our primitive brain likes to keep things the same and go back to old well-worn patterns. 

The good news is that the stories we tell about our past and future are optional. We get to create the future we want with our thoughts. How does gratitude work in this situation? When we are grateful for what we have we create feelings of abundance and positivity which attracts more positive things in our life mainly because we are creating more positive actions to get the results we want. 

We can also create gratitude about future results that have not happened yet which will attract more positive actions and reactions from you and everyone around you which helps your brain generate evidence that this is true.

Here is an example: I am an oncology nurse practitioner and work 4 days a week and I am also a certified life and weight loss coach. I am working on some business goals and noticed I was not moving forward. I was feeling defeated. I started using the Calm app for meditation to help me sleep better and there was a series of meditations on gratitude and I started listening daily. I then decided to start writing about what I was grateful for every day. I chose to be grateful for my day job so I didn’t have to worry about money while building up my business and to use opportunities with my patients to coach them when appropriate. 

I wrote down my goal for the month along with some positive thoughts about my business as well as what I was grateful for every day and in less than 10 days, I am halfway to my business goal for the month and I have no doubt I will meet my goal. There was no luck involved, gratitude helped me create positive thoughts and feelings that generated abundance and positive actions to get me the results I wanted. 

This can happen for you as well in whatever goal you want to achieve, weight loss or business or anything else. Start a gratitude journal and see what results you can create.

I am a certified life and weight loss coach and I help women over 40 get down to their natural weight for the last time.

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