How to Maintain Your Weight on Vacation

Memorial Day and summer vacation trips are here. Even if you only plan a few day trips, we all tend to relax our healthy eating plans during the summer. I am taking a trip to Spain and will be gone for 11 days with travel. I have no idea where I will be eating or what to expect. How do I maintain my weight and keep on track with my healthy eating plan? I will decide on a daily basis to make choice from my future best self.

The last time I went to Europe 2 years ago is when I had been on my no sugar, no flour intermittent fasting plan and had lost 12 lbs and then I went to Sicily. I said I would try to follow the plan and when we landed in Rome, I was hungry and ordered a bread and cheese sandwich and decided I was going to eat what I wanted and so I did and gained all 12 lbs back.

This time I am preparing and making as many decisions ahead of time as I can. I am using a worksheet called Upcoming Event and here are a few of the questions:

1. What will be challenging about the event? Lots of food and drink. Unknown types of food and where we will eat.

2. What do you want to do at the event? What is your decision ahead of time? Your commitment? I want to focus on people, places and experience instead of everything revolving around food and alcohol. I will make a food and drink plan 24 hours in advance as much as possible and ask guides who have done this tour before which place they would make an exception meal for and plan accordingly. I am very committed.

3. What is my specific plan for carrying this out? Eating window 1-9 pm, 2 joy eats over 11 days. I will plan to eat lunch and dinner with protein, fat, vegetables, occasional rice and beans. I can fill in exact foods later.

4. When you get to the event, how will you justify or excuse not following this plan (what are the obstacles?) 2 years ago in Sicily since I did not have a specific plan it did not take much for my resolve to go out the window. But now I know how good I feel when I follow a healthy eating plan and do not want to focus on food for pleasure. I am willing to do what it takes to maintain my weight. I can practice feeling an urge and just allow feeling uncomfortable. I will practice saying “I prefer not to, no thank you, or I am full”

5. Visualize 3 scenarios in which you are challenged and you take the actions you want to take.

1. Wine at every meal (twice a day) – Have 1 glass of wine with dinner daily or every other day

2. Dessert at every meal – Plan for once a week

3. Tapas common in Spain – Just eat the meat, veggies and fat that it comes with and leave the bread, tortilla, etc.

6. If it gets really hard, what is your plan? Take deep breaths, regroup, allow the urge, feel the feelings, be nice to myself, think the thought I maintain my weight no matter what or I would rather be at my natural weight and focus on people and places than use food for pleasure.

7. Write a message to yourself that you could read to remind you of your plan. I know what to do, and know how I want to feel. I will decide daily to honor my commitments to myself and focus on the pleasure of people and places vs. food.

8. Write a mantra to yourself that you can say quietly in your head. See the ones mentioned above plus being hungry will not kill me, I can dine in and use my own body fat for fuel.

If you would like a copy of this worksheet or want a free consult on how I can help you with your healthy eating and summer vacation plans, FB message me.

I help women over 40 develop a healthy eating plan to lose the weight for the last time.

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