Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset

Scarcity is defined as the gap between limited resources vs theoretically limitless wants. Synonyms include lack, insufficiency or shortness of supply. Scarcity mindset is lack of belief, feeling like you have limited resources to accomplish your goals. Scarcity keeps you from taking action, it causes doubt. Scarcity thoughts look like:

I don’t have enough … (time, money, resources, energy)

I don’t know how to … (figure this out, do this)

I’m too busy to … (write down my food plan ahead of time, make a menu, grocery shop)

I am challenged in … (figuring out technology, believing I am capable, lovable, enough)

These thoughts create confusion, overwhelm, fear and doubt which in turn create spinning, indecision and inaction. The result is you prove the thought that you don’t know or don’t have enough.

Abundance is the state or condition of having a large quantity of something. Synonyms include infinity, plentiful, affluence, wealth. An abundance mindset is limitless belief and resources to accomplish your goals. It is thinking and believing as if you have already accomplished the goal; it is as good as done. Abundant thoughts look like:

I have plenty of (time, resources, energy) to do everything I need to do

I can figure anything out with my own brain, the internet, or ask-a-friend/colleague

I am capable of following a healthy eating plan by making a menu, grocery shopping, and writing down my eating plan ahead of time.

I am capable of making the money I need to accomplish my goal

Many people think abundance mindset is delusional but in reality your thoughts create your results. Life does not just happen to you. Your thoughts about what is happening in your life will create your results. Abundance mindset is not any more delusional than scarcity mindset. I have accomplished so much more with an abundant mindset and felt so much better through the whole process.

Often we don’t realize that we are in scarcity mindset. But if you are having trouble with negative thoughts or being past focused you may want to try some different, more abundant thoughts to create the results of your dreams. Which mindset do you have right now? If you need help creating a more abundant mindset to get the permanent weight loss you want or any other big goal, I can help.

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