3 Habits to Try This Summer

Summer is here! When you think of Summer what do you think of? I bet it is something related to food, like eating ice cream or s’mores or picnics. You don’t have to give up all these things to lose weight or even prevent weight gain; however, you have to do them less often. The good thing about Summer is we have no excuse not to move more (except maybe in South Texas where it is hot and humid), but we can still go out in the morning or evening to get some exercise. Hopefully you have more down time in the summer so you can plan your meals better and get into a healthy eating routine. I know the kids are home more and your grocery bill is likely higher but maybe now is the time to get them thinking about eating healthier with more fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed chips and cookies.

Here are the 3 habits you can tweak to prevent weight gain this summer or maybe even lose some:

1. Have ice cream or your favorite food once a week instead of every day and enjoy it.

2. Move more – Try to get to 10,000 steps per day. You can do this by taking the stairs, park the car further away, take a few extra laps around the mall or grocery store or park, play tag with the kids, take a walk with the whole family after dinner, go on a bike ride or hike.

3. Plan your meals in advance, just 1 day, (yes you have time to do that) and increase your awareness of what you put in your mouth by writing down everything you eat and drink; you will be amazed.

Enjoy your summer without weight gain by incorporating 3 healthy habits into your routine. Then in the Fall, you can work on 3 more.

If you want to find a healthy eating plan that works for your body to give you the energy you need for your busy day and keeps you satisfied while losing weight for the last time; FB message me to get a FREE consult and find out how I can help.

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