How To Recover From Too Much Fun/Food on Vacation

We have all done it; eaten and overindulged in food and/or alcohol on vacation. We are human and surrounded by wonderful food and drink options. Don’t forget our brains do not like to feel deprived and we can easily fall back into old patterns. The key is not to beat yourself up over it. It happened and is now in the past. What are you going to do about it? You have a choice to just say F it and continue to eat whatever you want and gain all your weight back or decide to get right back to your healthy eating plan and move on.

If you decide to get back to your healthy eating plan; be willing to feel uncomfortable and realize that eating the way you did on vacation increased your desire for sugar and flour. That means you will be hangry (hungry and cranky) and will need to allow for that and not give into the urge to overeat. If you keep rewarding yourself with sugar or flour, you will become a sugar burner again which does not allow your body to use your fat for fuel. It may take up to 2 weeks to get the over desire and over hunger back to low levels depending on how long you were on vacation.

Tips for getting back on track:

Either go back to eating twice a day or 3 times a day, whatever works best for you

No snacks (if you are starving, eat small handful of plain nuts, 1/4 cup max per day)

Limit sugar and flour (for 2 weeks if possible)

Eat protein, healthy fat, veggies and fruit that you love and make sure to have protein and fat at each meal to help keep you full

Get back to planning and writing down what you eat ahead of time, 24 hours in advance works best

Allow urges to overeat and be willing to feel negative emotion (most urges last 90 seconds)

Remind yourself that you will not die if you are hungry or don’t have your favorite food for 2 weeks

Drink plenty of water

Limit alcohol

Be kind to yourself. Don’t let overindulging on vacation mean you can never get to your goal weight. Remember vacation is temporary and losing weight is for good. So what if it takes a little longer than you planned, life happens.

If you need help getting back on track after vacation or finding a healthy eating plan that works for you with your body to give you energy and keep you satisfied, I can help. FB message me for a FREE consult.

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