The Model: How to Solve Any Problem

The Model is a tool that we can use to look inside our mind. It is a tool developed by my mentor, Brooke Castillo, owner and Master Coach Instructor at The Life Coach School. The Model is based on teachings from all the cutting edge self help teachers of our time and is a way of applying their teachings to your life. The Model handles all problems, past, present and future. The model is clear and objective. It makes sense of the cause of any and all problems.

There are 5 components to the Model:

C: Circumstances are facts, your past, what other people say and do, anything that happens outside of you. These should be stated in a neutral way and not with adjectives added. Circumstances trigger thoughts.

T: Thoughts are things or sentences in our minds. Thoughts drive everything in our lives and are just sentences in our minds that have the power to create feelings, actions, and results. Thoughts are choices. Thoughts are the cause of all emotional pain. It is not what happens to us that causes us to suffer but what we think about it and what we make it mean about us.

If our thoughts create our results that means we are responsible for what we get and don’t get in our lives. Thoughts about a circumstance are most often the problem. Only thoughts create our feelings.

F: Feelings are vibrations in our body that start from sentences in our brain and moves to our body (sad, mad, glad, frustrated, stressed). It helps to use a one word description of feelings. Our feelings cause us to take action or inaction.

A: Action is our behavior, what we do or don’t do in response to a feeling. Our actions cause our results.

R: Result is what we create and therefore what we have in our lives.

The Model is a tool we can use to solve any problem and coach ourselves daily. It all starts with our thoughts. Here are some examples.

Current Model

C: Weight on scale of 220 lbs

T: I’m such a fat pig

F: Self loathing

A: Beat self up with negative thought loop, overeat, blame diet, self or someone else

R: I make a number on the scale mean that I won’t ever be successful at losing weight

You try to change your thought from I’m such a fat pig to I love my body. That won’t work because you have to believe it; but you can try an in between or ladder thought.

New Model:

C: Weight on scale of 220 lbs

T: I have a body

F: Neutral

A: Re-evaluate eating plan, make tweaks, plan 24 hours in advance

R: I don’t make the scale mean anything about me

Your weight is just math or a number on the scale. It is only when we have a thought about it that causes it to be a problem.

If you want help learning this model and applying it to your life or finding an eating plan that works for you, FB message me for a FREE 45 minutes consult and FREE tips for success.

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