The Thought Download: A Window into Our Brain

Thoughts are just sentences in our brains. We have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of us are not aware of them. Our thoughts create our feelings, which cause us to take action and the action we take brings the results we have in our life. Ultimately our thoughts create our results.

So how do we become more aware of our thoughts? By spending a few minutes each day doing a thought download or writing down our thoughts. We get to choose how we think every day but we have to become aware of our thinking first. Here are some tips:

1. Use paper and pen – It will make your awareness sharper

2. Spend 10 minutes

3. Do it first thing in the morning or whenever you will do it consistently

4. Write down what you are thinking about when you first woke up, what you had a dream about, what happened yesterday, your thoughts about your to do list today, etc

5. Don’t judge your thoughts

6. Be curious

7. Notice a pattern in your thinking, positive or negative

8. Decide if you want to keep certain thoughts

9. Notice the results these thoughts are creating in your life

This practice is key along with using The Model I talked about last week to use in self coaching. If you want help with this or you want help losing weight for the last time, FB message me for a FREE 45 minutes consult and FREE tips for success.

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