Separating Thoughts from Facts

Facts are circumstances or situations that happen in our lives, things people say or do. Facts are considered neutral and agreed upon by the general population. Thoughts are sentences we have in our brains. Thoughts are opinions or judgments we have about the neutral facts or circumstances in our lives.

Some examples of facts are:

1. Weight 195 lbs or dress size 18

2. Food we ate – 3 chicken wings and 2 slices of pizza

3. Alcohol we drank – 2 beers and 2 margaritas

4. What your husband said to you – “You should not have yelled at Jason”

5. What happened in your day – Worked 10 hours

Thoughts are the story we tell ourselves about the facts or circumstances in our lives.

Some examples of thoughts related to the above circumstances:

1. I hate my body

2. I shouldn’t have eaten that

3. I had too much to drink

4. He deserved it

5. Work was crazy busy today

Where we get into trouble is when we make the facts or circumstances in our lives mean something about us or when we judge ourselves and others for what happened. We assume our thoughts about the situation are facts but in reality, it is all neutral until we have a thought about it.

Observe your thoughts and start being curious by separating the facts from your thoughts. What drama are you creating with your thoughts? It is an eye opener.

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