I Have A Confession

I have a confession to make. I gained 10 lbs over the last 6 months. Phew, got that off my chest. My goal in maintenance was to be within 2-3 lbs of my goal weight and I did that for the first 6 months.

Then I started a 6 month long intense training and added a few other things to my plate and went on a nice vacation. I got sloppy with my thoughts and my healthy eating habits. Plus I started having a glass of wine or 2 almost every night again to deal with stress (of my own making).

I wasn’t too worried because my clothes still fit but I became aware that I was slipping into old patterns of using food and wine to deal with stress. I thought I had dealt with all that. Apparently not.

So what to do now? Well, I started a 30 day healthy lifestyle challenge group and decided to get back down to basics myself. I stick to what I planned to eat and just allow myself to be a little hungry and not grab a handful of almonds like I was doing daily before dinner. I am taking a brake from drinking wine for the month. I am noticing my thoughts about when I am stressed and thinking my business or my job is causing the stress; when in reality it is my thoughts.

Creating awareness of what I am thinking and how that makes me feel is key. Allowing myself to be uncomfortable in the moment without having a glass of wine or realizing that starting something new like a business is uncomfortable and that there is growth in discomfort is helpful. Nothing has gone wrong. Our brain just likes to take the easy way out and does not like change.

I am not the type of person that can eat whatever they want and stay at my natural weight. I know this but I still fight with it because our society has made foods that provide intense but false pleasure so plentiful. I can either feel sorry for myself or decide to get back to basics and eat the way that fuels my body and gives me energy and once a week have my favorite foods.

I choose to limit sugar, breads and pastas to feel good and be at my natural weight. I also choose to not use food or alcohol to deal with my negative emotions. I can be uncomfortable in the moment, it won’t kill me.

The best part about my healthy eating plan is it works and I am down 3 lbs after 1 week. There is still time to join the 30 day healthy lifestyle challenge. It goes through the end of October. Just FB message me for details.

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