Are You Struggling?

This is for women whose hormones are jacked and keep gaining weight as they get older:

• Are you struggling with motivation to start a new weight loss or healthy eating plan?

Maybe you had losing weight as a New Year’s resolution in January and now it’s the end of October and you’ve gained instead of lost weight.

On top of that the holidays are coming again.

You can’t fit into your holiday party clothes and you just feel like throwing in the towel.

• Does this sound like you?

Most of us over 40 have gained weight due to hormones such as lack of estrogen; but we have also gotten sloppy with our eating habits and are not even aware of what we are putting in our mouths.

But lack of estrogen does not have to be the reason why we keep gaining weight or keep the muffin top. There are other hormones in our bodies that can help us lose weight; we just have to learn how to reset them.

I lost 24 lbs over the holidays in 2018 so it is possible. I needed help not only with my eating habits and the types of foods I ate, but with how I was thinking and my beliefs about food.

I maintained my weight over the holidays last year, and I will again this year.

You can do the same. I can help.

• Do you struggle with using food to deal with stress? That was me too.

Food is everywhere in our society and we can’t use willpower all the time because it doesn’t work forever.

It wears off and then we are back in the pantry again, eating everything in sight and not realizing it until we see the empty bag.

Mindless eating is a problem for a lot of people. Coaching can help with that.

Once I changed to healthier eating habits and started losing weight I had more energy, felt better about myself and learned how to manage stress in other ways besides turning to food. Once I had these habits down and realized how good I felt I was OK with not eating more than 2 Christmas cookies at a time.

I have been where you are, gaining and losing and gaining more on yo-yo diets. If you want to get off the diet roller coaster, I can help. I don’t sell any products or food. The healthy eating plan I recommend does not eliminate any food.

• What would it be like to not have losing weight as a New Year’s resolution again.

• If you don’t want to gain another 5-10 lbs over the holidays and want to get started now making small changes that add up to big results, FB message me or email me at
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