It happens, we don’t plan what we are going to eat and then let other people distract us from our goal and eat what they want. Letting people distract us from our goals is a choice we are making and we need to take responsibility for it.

It’s about making the best choice ahead of time or in the moment and the chance of us making a good choice in the moment is less likely to happen than if we plan ahead.

So how do we keep from getting distracted by other people, by food being everywhere? By staying conscious and aware and by planning ahead of time as much as possible and having a plan A, B and C back up plan.

For example, if I’m at a sporting event and there is nothing but hot dogs, hamburgers and fries/chips/candy and pizza what I do is either have the hot dog or hamburger without the bun and I always have almonds on me just in case.

Another example is I’m going to a neighbor’s house for book club or bunco and I have no idea what she is having. I will usually bring a salad or cut up veggies and then have whatever the protein is or if they are having pasta, I may just have cheese from a cheese plate and salad or I will have a small amount of pasta and more salad with dressing. Make the best choice you can.

The other thing you can do is plan for a joy eat and have the lasagna and enjoy the heck out of it or have the dessert, whatever it is.

What if you want to stick to your plan and your family or friends offers you a choice not on your plan. You could say: No thank you, I prefer not to, I don’t feel like eating that today or whatever seems appropriate. Most people will not even notice what you are eating or not eating especially if you don’t act weird about it.

What about family members trying to get you off track? I just say, no thank you, I am choosing to eat this way right now because it feels good and I have more energy.

It’s OK if your family does not want to eat the way you do or does not buy into the healthy lifestyle plan; they don’t have to. Find a happy medium or where you could all be happy.


Family wants roast beef with mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole

You can eat the roast beef and mashed potatoes, just don’t have gravy and set aside a serving of the green beans and just have them with butter and whatever spice you like.

Family wants pasta or enchiladas, either have that as your joy eat or make some zoodles (zucchini noodles or squash, sautés quickly) for yourself and whoever else wants them and have the meat sauce or set aside 1 serving of the meat, beans, cheese, veggies for you.

If you feel good and have more energy making these healthy lifestyle changes, you will continue to eat that way most of the time. We are all human. Ask yourself what is the best choice for you, your body and your goals?

If you need more help with this and want to get coaching, FB message me.

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