Have You Reached Your Breaking Point?

Have you ever been so frustrated by trying yet another diet, not being able to stay on it and gaining weight instead of losing? That was me 2 years ago.

I decided to give up dieting. I was just going to be fat.

But I did not like having the muffin top. I could not face shopping for plus size clothing in the next larger size.

I kept thinking what if I kept getting fatter, I would not be able to travel with my husband comfortably and go on hikes.

I worried when I had grandchildren I would not be able to keep up or play with them.

I starting wondering what my health would be like, I would probably need to take blood pressure and cholesterol medication and I would be at risk for diabetes and cancer.

I had one of those moments that change your life forever. I decided to get help.

I found an eating plan that worked for me without feeling deprived and hungry all the time.

I got help with my beliefs about food and emotional stress eating.

I lost 55 lbs over 1 year and have kept it off.

I was 56 when I did this and post menopausal.

So if you think you are too old to lose weight or you won’t be able to because your hormones are out of whack, think again.

If I can do it, you can do it. I would love to help.

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