What’s for Dinner?

I have a lot of clients tell me that cooking dinner for your family when you are the only one trying to eat healthy is too hard. I used to think that too. Who wants to cook 2 dinners?

I don’t cook 2 dinners and I make meals as simple as possible. Tonight I made Goulash which is basically pasta and ground hamburger, onion, celery, tomato sauce, bacon and seasoning.

I don’t eat pasta very often on my eating plan so here is what I did. I cooked the bacon, ground beef, veggies, tomato sauce and seasoning first while pasta cooked on its own in another pan.

Then I scooped out my serving and put it in a bowl and set it aside. I added the cooked pasta to the pan and let it cook some more and served it up, adding fresh tomatoes on top of everyone’s plate.

I also had leftover salad and Italian dressing. Not hard at all and I did not cook 2 meals.

I do this with most of my meals. Although my Dad who has always been a meat and potatoes kind of guy is now eating more vegetables than he ever has, and even asks for seconds. Who knew? This can happen in your family too.

If you want help tweaking your families’ favorite meals, I can help.

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