How to Handle Increased Desire Over the Holidays

Many people use the holidays or the time from Thanksgiving to January 2 as a free pass to overindulge. 

You may feel as if you don’t have any control and that over consuming food and alcohol is something that just happens. 

That is because we are on auto-pilot. I have done it my whole life except for the past 2 years. 

Our brains tell us it is all or nothing but it doesn’t have to be that way.  It starts out with awareness. 

We think seeing and being surrounded by food and alcohol are what causes our desire  or urges. That is part of it; but did you know that we cause desire in our brain by the thoughts we think? 

It’s not only concentrated sugars and alcohol that cause desire but what we are thinking. The problem is we are completely unaware of thoughts we have around food.

What if you could simply decrease some of your desire by staying aware of urges to eat or drink and then being curious about the running dialog happening in our brain?

Desire often shows up as restlessness or by a thought like “That looks good”. When you feel this, take a pause and take inventory of your brain and the vibrations you are feeling in your body and what’s going on for you.

It could be a simple as it’s 3 p.m., you are not hungry but your’ve had a stressful day and they just announced there are cookies in the break room and you think to yourself, “that sounds good” or “I deserve one or two” and you automatically go to the break room and have a few cookies.

If you are becoming more aware and curious, you recognize this pattern, take a pause and say the following to yourself:

  • I am not hungry and do not need to eat; my brain just thinks it is a good idea because that is what I have always done
  • I could have a cookie but I want to save those calories for something I really want at the party Friday night
  • That probably won’t taste good because it is store bought, not fresh, etc.
  • I can have anything I want; but I am choosing to eat foods that are healthier for my body to give me more energy and eat cookies less often.

Working on my thoughts around food helped me lose 55 lbs and keep it off. 

Over the next 25 days I will be sharing tips on increasing your awareness around food and helpful tips on maintaining or even losing a few lbs over the holiday. 

If you would like the entire list, please FB message me or email me at 

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