25 Tips for Maintaining or Even Losing a Few Pounds Over the Holidays or New Year

  1. Eat more fat (2 tbsp with each meal) – avocado, olive oil, real butter, Greek yogurt, nuts, almond butter, salad dressings, etc.
  2. Stop night time snacking; it is just a habit and can be unlearned. Try brushing your teeth after dinner and telling yourself the kitchen is closed.
  3. Eat less sugar
  4. Eat bread and pasta less often
  5. Eat more vegetables, add them to everything
  6. Drink less alcohol, 1 drink instead of 2 or drink less often
  7. Have a 2 cookie limit at holiday parties
  8. Let other people taste your cookies when you are baking
  9. Drink more water
  10. Exercise or take a walk to relieve stress and decompress not to lose weight
  11. When you go out to eat, make the healthiest choice possible and it doesn’t have to be a salad
  12. Make meals as simple as possible and eat at home more often. Plan meals in advance if possible.
  13. Bring fruit and veggies to a party so you have a healthy alternative
  14. Don’t go to parties hungry, have a salad or handful of nuts before you go or better yet eat before you go to the party and pick 1 favorite food to eat there
  15. At parties focus on the people and not the food and if drinking alcohol, always alternate with water
  16. Slow down and notice flavors of what you are eating, there is no race.
  17. Don’t beat yourself up if you over-indulge, just learn from it and move one
  18. Instead of fast food when you are in a hurry, plan ahead or get chicken Caesar salad; you can get it at most fast food restaurants, airports, etc.
  19. Bring your lunch to work, you can pack it the night before
  20. Just say no to work place goodies and candies, just say to yourself that probably won’t taste good
  21. If you don’t like something at a party, don’t eat it. Don’t waste calories on something that isn’t great.
  22. Eat on a smaller plate
  23. Love your body as it is
  24. Give yourself a hug if you even did 1 or 2 of these tips and high five someone if you did.
  25. Set a goal for 2020 that you will do what it takes to lose weight for good or get healthy and feel good in your body. You are worth it!

I am giving you these tips in appreciation to my past, present and future clients. If you are reading this, I consider you to be a client so thank you; and may you have a healthy and blessed and successful New Year!

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