Past Diet Fails

We have all tried diets in the past and failed. I can’t even count the number of diet fails for myself, too many over 40 years. But what if we took a look at the different diet plans we tried and discovered what helped us lose weight, what we never want to eat again (rice cakes, melba toast) and whether we felt deprived or why we went off that plan. Some are too ridiculous to sustain like the grapefruit diet, the all liquid shakes, eating just 1 food, etc.

Losing weight is just an accumulation of making the right food choice over and over. What are the right food choices for you? For me, I found that when I ate more fat I did not feel so hungry all the time. I know my body also feels good eating more veggies and protein. I know that when I eat more processed foods, sugar, chips, etc. that I feel more sluggish and tired and then I crave those foods more.

So if losing weight is an accumulation of good choices then why do we want to throw the plan that is working out when we make 1 bad choice? We judge ourselves as not worthy of continuing and say F_____ it, I can’t do this, it’s too hard, I can’t follow this plan, etc.

That is because that is our pattern, we just have to interrupt the cycle.

For example, I had banana bread on Christmas morning, ate on my plan for lunch and dinner and had not planned to eat dessert. But my brain offered that I had already eaten off plan so why not eat the cookies, and so I did.

I did not even question that thought or realize it was there until the next day when I wrote down that I ate the cookies, asked myself why and realized the trap I set for myself. So interesting how old thought patterns can come back unless we are in full awareness. Our brains are very sneaky.

I realized my mistake and went right back on plan because I know it works, my body feels good when I do it 90% of the time, and I want to fit into my clothes.

The secret to long term weight loss is learning how to fail and just consider it a blip in the radar and not throw out your whole plan. Stay conscious and aware of what you are eating. How do you do that? By writing it down, planning in advance and being curious about why you went off plan, learn from it and keep going. It is the secret sauce of long term weight loss.

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