Obstacles to Losing Weight or Maintaining

Happy New Year! I love new beginnings, a new month and a new year and decade but it can also feel like a lot of pressure to do things right. I am noticing a lot of I should do this and I should do that type of thoughts that are not very helpful.

If you have started a new weight loss journey, you may be struggling with non supportive family members, too much junk food in the house or family and work events surrounded by food. But these are really just neutral circumstances. It is not until we have a thought about it that it becomes a problem.

I am still working on maintaining my weight and actually losing about 10 lbs I have gained over the last 6 months. I finally figured out why this was happening and why I was having more cravings or increased desire to eat off plan.

It all comes down to trying to use willpower (which is short term) instead of just allowing the desire to have food not on my plan. I will share some obstacles I have encountered. It is all in how we think about it or frame it in our minds.

If you have set a goal to lose weight or maintain your weight, you will be more successful if you have to have 7-10 reasons as to why you want the goal you have set.

Next is to list all the obstacles or challenges you might face in accomplishing your goal, every day things that can be stumbling blocks.

Finally, list strategies for each obstacle and how you will overcome it. Put your brain to work.

These steps help keep you conscious and aware of your sneaky thoughts.

Here is one of my goals for 2020. By March 25, 2020, I will lose 10 lbs and be within 2-3 lbs of my goal weight. Then I will maintain it.

Reasons why?

To fit into my clothes

To feel good in my body

To decrease my desire by limiting sugar

To be an example for my clients and patients

To stay conscious and allow urges and negative emotions without answering it with food

Here is a list of the obstacles I came up with; it is not people or events but my thoughts that are the obstacles. It was eye opening to do this exercise and I recommend you do this too. The trick is to try to determine what your emotion is before eating off plan and then ask yourself why and sometimes you have to ask yourself why a few times to get to the real thought.

Your thoughts may seem silly to you at first but it is just your brain going back to old patterns and trying to take the easy way out. You don’t have to believe it but it helps to uncover these thoughts because they will keep you from reaching your goal.

– Entitled – Why? I feel like I should be able to eat whatever I want now that I am on maintenance. Why? Because I worked so hard to lose the weight (so what?)

– Deprived – Why? Because I have been eating more sugar so my desire has increased.

– Stress – Why? I deserve to have a treat after the day I have had. Why? (I don’t really).

– Feeling a few hunger pains – Why? I should not allow myself to be hungry? Why? I need food now (brain throwing a tantrum)

– Urge to eat a snack before dinner – Why? I am trying to use food to numb my negative emotions or just deal with discomfort or boredom in general. Why? Because old habits die hard.

You get the picture. Stay tuned for my strategies to overcome each of the obstacles to my success. You can apply this to yourself as well and just tweak it to your specifics.

If you want help, go to https://weightlosswithwendy.coach and sign up for a FREE consult.

I will also be doing a Webinar on The #1 Reason Why Diets Don’t Work & 3 Steps for Weight Loss Success on January 23, 2020 at 7 pm; details coming about how to sign up.

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