How We Talk to Ourselves

We have lots of conversations with ourselves that are automatic. A lot of these thoughts we have had over and over so they feel like truths or facts.

Your thought pattern may go something like this:

Tomorrow is Monday, I should start my new healthy eating plan. Maybe you get excited about it and then find out they are celebrating birthdays at work tomorrow and your friend is bringing in homemade carrot cake which is your favorite. So you decide to start 2 days later. But decide you don’t want to ruin your week-end so you wait for another Monday. Then you tell yourself that nothing is going to work anyway so why bother trying. Sound familiar?

This pattern of self talk and talking ourselves out of sticking to our plan is so common that it is out of our awareness and then we have no idea why we can’t lose weight or change a habit.

There will never be a right time. Special occasions and events will continue to be there. We just have to learn how to deal with them; and more importantly how to become aware of our thoughts about it.

So what is the answer?

1. Stay curious and aware before, during and after a meal

2. Plan what you will eat 1 day in advance, which will decrease food drama in the moment

3. Think ahead and scan your week for events/parties you know will be happening

4. If you want to have that special carrot cake, plan to eat a slice and enjoy it

5. Eat your planned meals, there is no need to punish yourself by skipping meals

6. Be aware you may feel a little hungrier the next day because of the sugar but that is OK

7. You will make mistakes and eat off plan; the key is to learn about what you were thinking and feeling in the moment so you can increase your awareness and move on.

8. Go right back to eating planned food and refuse to beat yourself up for any reason

These are some of the tools I teach in my coaching program. If you want to learn more, go to and sign up for a free consult.

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