“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was my belief about weight loss until I met Wendy.  When I listened to Wendy’s encouragement and began to look at how my thoughts could make a difference in living a healthy lifestyle, I was able to lose weight.  There was no ‘suffering’, no ‘cheating’, no ‘failing’ in the traditional sense.  Wendy brings a coaching style to this process and it works!  This dog has learned some new tricks and is feeling confident that this is that life change I have been trying to find!   Thanks Wendy!  
Cindy G. 

Wendy helped me take control of my life. This plan is a journey; a process that I will work on for a lifetime.  Over 2 months, I was able to lose nearly 15 lbs, eating fulfilling foods that fuel my body and creating thoughts that fuel my mind. Thank you! S.P.

I met Wendy at a networking event and she shared with me that she was a life and wellness coach. I knew right away that we’d get along because the work that she does fits in line with aspirations and goals of my own. We met up to connect again and I shared with her my passion for personal development and the struggles I was dealing with. She offered to take me through her 6-week coaching program and I didn’t realize what a huge impact such a short amount of time could have on my life. Wendy is a great listener with a world of insight. I felt comfortable being vulnerable and sharing thoughts that I haven’t been able to do so freely with anyone. She challenged my thoughts and asked me the difficult questions that led me to think in a new way and find clarity in areas where I needed it most. 6 weeks went by entirely too fast! I will carry the ideas and conversations we had with me for a lifetime. She has helped me discover the tools that were already in me to be confident and motivated. Wendy is a great mentor, coach and friend.¬†Mona Milani

Location Sessions by phone or Zoom video chat Phone 210-827-6518 Hours Hours vary, have daytime, evening and some week-end times available
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